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“Perhaps”…… From The Editor
I want to share with you what is presently occurring in the greater Houston region. Perhaps…….
God is up to something! 
 Many believers are becoming stirred in their hearts. I believe the present spiritual hunger for God to visit our hearts, cities, and nation is rising. (Not only is this occurring in the greater Humble area but there are similar reports coming from all over America.) God’s people are beginning to realize that nothing short of a sovereign Visitation of God Himself is going to save America! Shouldn’t we must consider what God has already told us in regards to how we must respond when we admit that man’s efforts can’t rectify our current, desperate circumstances. Our individual challenge is, ‘Do we see it?’ I confess that there were/are times when I was totally unaware of what God was doing or desiring to do. It is sad but true. 
Remember the occasion when Jesus gave that strong rebuke to a group of religious leaders. They had asked Him to give them a sign from heaven. Jesus responded that they were able to determine if it was going to rain by discerning the cloud formations and the color of the sky but they were ignorant as to discerning what God was doing and about to do! (Matthew 16)  I have often thought, “How stupid can they be? Standing right before them was the very Son of God! However I have had to repent  many times because I was so focused on my personal agenda that I was not ‘tuned-in’ to what God was doing (or wanting to do). 
At the present time numerous spiritual men, women. and ministries are calling out for believers to come together and pray for a Visitation’/Revival from God. These individuals are not attempting to promote their ministry agendas. They are responding to the gentle urgings of the Holy Spirit who is calling His people to pray, pray, pray!  Is it not true that ‘heaven awaits earth’? The late Dr. Bill Bright in his book, The Coming Revival-America’s Call to Fast, Pray and Seek God’s Face, “Revival is a sovereign work of God in answer to sincere, prevailing prayer….”
The ‘Chronicles-pattern’ for Visitation’ is something that we should prayerfully meditate upon. Notable men and women of God, both past and present, believe that there will not be a Visitation/Revival, unless and until, God’s people will humble themselves, turn from their wicked ways, i.e., renew their covenant with God, and pray! (2 Chronicles chapters 6-7) Perhaps He is waiting for us to humble ourselves and invite Him into our hearts, cities, and nation! George Otis Jr. of the Sentinel Group says, “Transformation of our cities must begin first in our hearts!”


I am personally encouraged that today there are numerous opportunities for all of us to join-in with hundreds of believers through out this region who are praying and fasting for God to come and ‘rend the heavens’, and pour out His refreshing transforming water upon the dry ground and upon him that is thirsty!
This December issue of the NEMA Newsletter, as well as future ones, will attempt to keep our network partners posted concerning the various corporate calls to prayer. 
As a network partner/brother with all of you I pray that we will avail ourselves to these history-changing events! Who knows, perhaps we will catch God’s attention and He will respond with His transforming grace!
“Oh Lord, will you please come and bring an ‘open heaven’ over this entire region? On behalf of lost souls, the widow, the orphan, the disenfranchised, the sick, the elderly, and the prisoner, we invite you into our hearts, our city, and nation! “

Pipeline Church To Host December NEMA Luncheon


Pipeline Church at At Night
Mike and Shari May, pastors of Pipeline Church,  invite all of their NEMA Network partners to NEMA’s  annual Christmas Network-Luncheon.
Pipeline Church was birthed in the midst of an outreach to thousands of youth in he greater Humble area.  Over the years the church has evolved into a church for all ages. Being located in the heart of the Historical District of Humble, Texas affords the opportunity for Pipeline to interface with the community in a unique way. Sunday services are held at 3 o’clock in the afternoon. The church also offers numerous discipleship and prayer groups that convene through out the week. Pipeline has been a NEMA partner soon after its inception.
Our Thursday, December 11 th. Network-Luncheon Will Be Held At Atascocita’s Spring Creek Barbecue’s Private Dinning Room. 

5613 East FM 1960

(East of Timber Forest next door to Holliday Inn Express)

Phone (281) 812-0645

                Please Note:There will be a discounted rate of
 $5 per person

(This includes  a meat item, two sides, and a drink.)

Toy’s For Needy Children

If you wish to bring a toy for needy children you are free to do so.          (Donating a toy is not required to attend the luncheon.)
The toy’s will be given to NEMA partners who will be conducting a Christmas outreach to their community.


To become a participating ministry in the toy drive you must register in writing (email) prior to the luncheon. Please include the general geographical area where your outreach will occur and email this information to: 

All toys will be allocated at the conclusion of the luncheon to pre-registered participating members.

   Rev. Brandon Battle will be leading us in Christmas carols!
December Luncheon’s schedule


11:30 –  12 noon: Networking

12 Noon –  1 p.m. Food and Fellowship

All Christian pastors, staff members, businessmen and businesswomen, missionaries, etc. are welcome.

NEMA is a Christian network opportunity.

 [no formal program]


manger scene
  Mike May Tom Battle Jerry Martin kathi Crissman Carry BakerBuddy
Merry Christmas from our families to your’s!

Greater Humble Regional Pre-Crusade Prayer Gathering



New Covenant Church of Humble


Sr. Pastor Mazz.

    Address: 901 Wilson Rd, Humble, TX 77338
                                         Phone:(281) 312-0139  


On Thursday, December 4th, Senior Pastor Frank Mazzapica will host the next pre-crusade prayer gathering beginning at 7 p.m.
Anticipation to see thousands of souls attending the two day Bonnke Crusade continues to build. Churches through out the greater Houston region have been coming together to pray that their anticipation will become a reality!
The ‘key’ to the Crusade is intercessory prayer. For the past few months participating churches have opened their facilities to host evenings of prayer, praise and petition asking God to fill BBVA Compass Stadium with His presence!
Join the crowds for an evening of prayer, praise and worship at New Covenant Church of Humble for the coming Bonnke Crusade. There will be an array of spiritual leaders who will lead us in prayer. Previous gatherings have been saturated with God’s presence.
Make plans to attend this most important pre-crusade gathering at NCC. 


 Address: 901 Wilson Rd, Humble, TX 77338
    Phone:(281) 312-0139  




Sonday Spreads Christ’s Love This Thanksgiving
A field report from Sonday International Ministries…
Thanksgiving outreach report: 1001 families got turkeys and all the trimmings to take home to enjoy with their families. 
God is awesome at multiplying the fish and the loaves. One young man gave his life to Christ and dozens and dozens and dozens of folks were ministered to by Pastors Tom and Schar Battle, who gave out copies of his new book along with other literature and Bibles. 
We give God and our partners a big thanks that we could give poor families a good Thanksgiving dinner.
Mathew and Rebeca.



Somebody Cares

Dr. Doug Stringer

Houston, It’s Time for An Appeal To Heaven for An Awakening

December 1 -21, 2014

With so much happening in Houston, around the nation and world, I sense it is time for corporate prayer, worship and fasting.  We are calling believers to come together December 1 – 21, 2014 to prepare our hearts and spirit for what’s coming in the months and year ahead. We must restore the altar of worship and call on God for a release of His presence that will bring salvation, healing and freedom.

As some of you may know, I am the Honorary Chairman for the Reinhard Bonnke Crusade being held in Houston in February 2015. You may recall that we were part of the host team for The Response in 2011 at Houston’s Reliant Stadium in which nearly 50,000 participated. We are currently helping to coordinate and mobilize The Response Louisiana – A Call to Prayer for a Nation in Crisis, being held in Louisiana in January 2015.

I recognize the connection between Houston and the nation as well as the nations. Houston is considered a Gateway to the World surpassing New York and LA as the most ethnically diverse city in our country. What happens here has national and international implications.

There is a responsibility that we have to our own spiritual Jerusalem, to also stir the winds of revival.

Please call others you know and gather with us during these nights as we circulate around the Greater Houston region.  We will culminate with a gathering at the Stafford Civic Center on December 21st. Join in praying for the opportunities we have before us as a city that will impact the nations.

Let’s seek God together to make an Appeal to Heaven for An Awakening!

See the Calendar List of churches and locations. We still have a few openings. Contact us if you’d like to serve as a host church. Call our offices at 713-621-1498 or email:

Look forward to seeing you during the 21 Days!

We are encouraging our relationships across the country to do something similar because we are a nation in crisis in need of an Awakening!

Appeal to Heaven for an Awakening Calendar

December 1-21, 2014

Services begin at 7pm unless otherwise noted.

Mon. Dec 1 — Calvary Community Church – Jeff McGee
                        7550 Cherry Park Dr, Houston, TX 77095

Tues. Dec 2 — Latter Day Deliverance Revival Church- Bishop Roy Kossie
                        4036 Lyons Ave, Houston, TX 77020

Wed. Dec 3 — The Encourager Church – Gabi Soltau
                        10950 Katy Freeway, Houston, TX 77043

Thurs. Dec 4 — New Covenant Church, Humble TX
                        901 Wilson Rd, Humble, TX 77338
                        (in conjunction with the Reinhardt Bonnke regional gathering)

Fri. Dec 5 — Church of the Nations — Yemi & Rebekah Ayodele  
                     14311 Auto Parkway, Houston, TX 77083
Sat. Dec 6 — As One Light – U of H Campus- BSM Building – Natasha Solce-Miller
                        4801 Calhoun Rd, Houston, TX 77004

Sun. Dec 7 — Pipeline Church – Mike & Shari May - * 3pm start time
                        120 E Main St, Humble, TX 77338

Mon. Dec 8 — Turning Point Ministries – Russell & Nadine Naisbitt

Tues. Dec 9 — West Houston Christian Center – Jack & Mary Jean Pidgeon
                        11300 Wilcrest Green Dr., Houston, TX 77042

Wed. Dec 10 — Dayspring Church – Oliver & Janice Stillwell
                        24277 FM Road 1314, Porter, TX 77365

Thurs. Dec 11 — New Haven HOP, – Hank & Marilyn Marion
                        6262 Creekside Green Dr, The Woodlands, TX 77389

Fri. Dec 12 — New Life Church – Dusty & Mary Kemp

Sat. Dec 13 — Mosaic HOP at Church on the Rock – Randy Campbell Katy, TX

Sun. Dec 14 — Greater Harvest Community Church – Pasedena TX – James Crum           
                           2121 Genoa Red Bluff Rd, Pasadena, TX 77505

Mon. Dec 15 — Baytown Church at Celebration of Life Church, – Cassy Smith

Tues. Dec 16 — Vietnamese Baptist Church -Khanh Nuynh
                        6100 Ridgemont St, Houston, TX 77087

Wed. Dec 17 — Gateway Fellowship – Hockley TX – James & Cindy Long

Thurs. Dec 18 — Primera Iglesia Church – Juan Cantu

Fri. Dec 19 — OPEN

Sat. Dec 20 — EFC (Evangelical Formosan Church) Brian Horner Webster, TX
                        401 North Texas Ave, Webster, TX  77598

Sun. Dec 21 — The Stafford Centre, Multi-Group Night – Gideon Stanley  *6 pm start,
                          10505 Cash Rd, Stafford, TX 77477


Thank you for caring with us,
J. Doug Stringer
Founder & President
Somebody Cares America/Int’l



Ruth Ward Hefflin On Revival
Ruth Hefin

Heflin’s River Selected Quotes from her book: River Glory

On Religious Leaders and Revival

p58ff…One of the greatest hindrances to revival is the fear that grips religious leaders when confronted with the new.They are so well trained that when something falls outside their religious training, they try to avoid it.

Leaders are often the last to move into revival. They almost have to be dragged, kicking and screaming, into it.

On Stepping Into Glory

p42ff…praise the Lord until the spirit of worship comes and worship Him until the glory comes..It is in then, in that glory, then we will begin to see healings, miracles, and signs and wonders taking place.

On the coming revival

p65ff…As the revival came at the beginning of the twentieth century, the end of the century will also know revival. The year 1999 will be a major revival year. Where there is no revival, it will break forth, and where it already exists, it will increase and accelerate.

After her brother’s death in 1996 . She states, ‘Timing is on our side. This is the moment on God’s timetable when we will see the ingathering of the greatest harvest, not only across America but all around the world.’

Just prior to the minister’s conference the Lord told her the following, ‘I will show you the pattern.” What I saw suddenly was the hand of God dropping out of Heaven a wonderful blue gossamer fabric, and on it I saw the outline of America. Lights began to come on all across this great nation until it was lit up with the very glory of God….God will pour out HIs Spirit as we have never seen it before. I have seen The Lord in vision entering churches of all types. I have seen Him standing before churches with high altars, and special lecterns, just as he stood in the synagogues of His day, and He opens the book and declares revival… if we had to worry abut revival ourselves, it would be an overwhelming thought. We have supernatural help in this revival. You and I would not know how to begin. We would have no idea how to organize and orchestrate the revival. Even if we had all the necessary financial resources at our disposal, we still could not make it happen. It takes the presence of The Lord…..I see Him standing a pulpit after pulpit. I see Him visiting the Presbyterians. I see Him visiting the Episcopalians. I see him visiting the Lutherans. I see Him visiting the Seventh Day Adventists. I see Him visiting the Baptists. I see a great visitation of God in all of the different Pentecostal denominations. I see the pastors of those churches laying flat on their faces, prostrate before God in the river. I see them throwing out their formalities. I see them throwing out their liturgies. I see countless numbers of people as they are bowing before God, prostrate on their faces, and the river of God is flowing over them.’

‘This revival will go far beyond churches. Not a single government organization or department will be untouched by it. The river will seep in through every crack. There will be no way to keep it out of every government building ( 68) see other entities that will be touched…’




Pastor Emeritus John Bisango of First Baptist Church, Houston and The Core Team have been holding prayer meetings in churches through out the greater Houston area. The purpose of these prayer meetings is to establish a network of churches who will pray for God to bring a Revival / Visitation to this region. Pastor Bisango recently asked God to bring a Visitation/Revival to this region before He took him home. He has initiated and has been involved in numerous activities which are based on the biblical mandates having to do with divine visitations. One such activity have to with his weekly prayer gatherings. 


Each Wednesday-noon the Core Team meets at various churches for focused prayer. Everyone is invited to attend these prayer meetings. 
If you wish to attend these prayer gatherings please contact: Diane McReynolds @ (You will receive information about coming meetings.)

The following is the latest communique from Dr. Bisango:

From Dr. John Bisagno and the Core Team for Revival and Spiritual Awakening…

We wish you a happy and blessed Thanksgiving week!  Our next prayer gathering is scheduled for Wednesday, December 3rd. We will meet once again to pray for Transforming Revival and Spiritual Awakening at 12 noon.  Please join us for this time of very important expressions of prayer inside the Loop to seek the face of God for His Kingdom to come to the City of Houston.

We are meeting at Gateway Community Church; we hope to see you next Wednesday, December 6, 2014.

Gateway Community Church

4727 Selinsky Rd.

Houston, TX 77048


We have been welcomed into The Church at Bethel’s Family by Senior Pastor Walter August and Missions Pastor Marcus Holman on Wednesday, December 10th.  We look forward to this prayer opportunity.

The Church at Bethel’s Family

12660 Sandpiper Dr.

Houston, TX  77035


Senior Pastor Walter August

Missions Pastor Marcus Holman



Historical ‘Reconciliation-Prayer’ Gathering At Lakewood Church


January 23, 2014     Lakewood Church
(More details forth-coming!)
John Bisagno
Dodie Osteen


Pray Houston

God is on the move in Houston.  First Baptist Houston Pastor Emeritus John Bisagno received a burden of the Lord when the Holy Spirit convicted him that the sin and darkness in Houston was the result of the Church not being the Light.  He began to mobilize pastors for prayer and repentance.  In this process Pastor Bisagno went to Dodie Osteen, the wife of Lakewood Church founding Pastor John Osteen and repented for the way the Baptist convention treated Pastor John and Dodie and Lakewood church after the Holy Spirit fell. This amazing time of repentance has opened the door to an amazing call to prayer and repentance across the city of Houston. At one prayer meeting with Pastor John he shared his prayer that the Lord would not take him home until he saw the transformation of Houston. God is using Pastor John to call the body of Christ in Houston to take responsibility for the condition of our city. He has partnered together with Dodie Osteen and between the two of them they are able to trumpet a call to our city that transcends denominations. In another meeting with prayer leaders from around the city Pastor John repented for his limited view and understanding of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. He was joined in deep prayer and repentance by prayer leaders from many denominations as we followed the command of scripture in 2 Chronicles 7:14 and in humility confessed our sin as we sought the face of God and invited Him to come and heal our land. We are now moving through the inner city going where the Lord is leading and hosting times of prayer and fasting seeking the presence and face of God not simply His hands. We are expecting God to move as He continues to awaken His church in the city. [A public 'reconciliation-prayer' gathering will be held on January 23, 2014 at lakewood Church.]

This article was provided by:

Rick Torrison

For more information… contact

to find out how to engage your community for Transforming Revival




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Northeast Ministerial Alliance

NEMA is a network of pastors, ministry leaders and Christian businessmen from diversified backgrounds. NEMA was birthed in 1991 when a group of spiritual leaders from the greater Humble, Texas area came together to share a meal and get acquainted.  The pastor of the host church extended an invitation to everyone to meet again the next month.  All gave a unanimous shout of approval.  It was during the second gathering that nine pastors and ministry leaders requested to host the next monthly meeting. Everyone stated that they would bring another person to the coming nine-month’s gatherings.  Those attending the initial meetings in 1991 never dreamed that these network lunches and prayer meetings would continue for these many years.  God’s favor has rested upon these gatherings. The results of this favor are many.

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