NEMA December Newsletter

Here is the DEC. newsletter. I had add another announcement/ministry. This is the final letter for Dec. Thanks


NEMA Newsletter
December   2015

Pipeline Church To Host December NEMA Luncheon

Pastor Mike May and Shari invite all of our NEMA partners and guests to join them on the 2nd Thursday, December 10th for our annual December Luncheon.


Pipeline Church at At Night 
Our Thursday, December 10 th. Network-Luncheon Will Be Held At Atascocita’s Spring Creek Barbecue’s Private Dinning Room. 

5613 East FM 1960

(East of Timber Forest next door to Holliday Inn Express)


Phone (281) 812-0645


                Please Note:There will be a discounted rate of

 $5 per person

(This includes  a meat item, two sides, and a drink.)



   Rev. Brandon Battle will be leading us in Christmas carols!

December Luncheon’s schedule



11:30 –  12 noon: Networking


12 Noon –  1 p.m. Food and Fellowship  



All Christian pastors, staff members, businessmen and businesswomen, missionaries, etc. are welcome. 



NEMA is a Christian network opportunity.


 [no formal program]





manger scene
         Tom Battle Jerry Martin 
                    kathi Crissman Carry BakerBuddy

Merry Christmas from our families to your’s!

A Note From Elijah Rising 



The Pelage of Pornography 
The following information is offered as a possible opportunity to enhance the Christian leader’s ministry to those who are caught in the ‘web of pornography’:
As you are aware there is a pelage of pornography  in America that is destroying millions of individuals and families. This destructive addiction is very difficult to be conqured but not impossible. 
Many Pastors want bring deliverance to those who are trapped in the web of pornography but are faced with limited resources. 
The following ministry could be the solution. Pure Desire offers a Christian based program. They offer a video series, excellent material and live counsel via telephone, etc.


Dave Welch
As we come to Thanksgiving, Christmas and the end of 2015 there are, as always, far more things to be thankful for than we can even imagine.  One item however that surpasses most right now, is the ongoing national impact of the historic defeat of the radical LGBT-driven Human Rights Campaign’s attempt to make Houston their latest prize.
The defeat of City of Houston Proposition 1 on November 3, added to by the 22 point margin (69% against, 31% for) was without doubt the greatest victory in years against the movement using the power of media, Hollywood, government education and the sword of civil authority to force acceptance of sexual sin and gender confusion onto all society!
With that said, it was a very, very costly eighteen month battle including over $650,000 in legal expenses, tens of thousands of dollars mobilizing and informing pastors and of course getting the message about Prop 1 to churches and voters around the city. It is imperative that Houston Area Pastor Council stay strong and stay on the offensive in building our team of pastors and involved churches even stronger – to do that we need your generous financial support.
With your help, this ministry of, to and for pastors was instrumental in one of the greatest victories of recent memory in the nation for God’s design of man and woman, marriage and morality in Houston, Texas.  This was an incredible coalition effort that reached far beyond our numbers, however there is one crystal clear reality…
Without Houston Area Pastor Council serving as the “engine” in the vehicle that provided the day by day horsepower to keep the fight moving forward against Mayor Annise Parker’s personal agenda, there would likely have been no lawsuit to win back the right to vote, no ballot measure to vote on, and no diverse coalition of pastors standing, speaking and staying together all the way to election day – and still “in the game.”
This coalition, this effort and this victory have resonated throughout the nation with a shout that proclaims, “There are pastors who will stand together, there are people who care about our religious freedom and when we do things God’s way, we canwin!”
With that said, one of the tactics used by the Left is to drain us financially, physically, emotionally and spiritually through being constantly aggressive, never giving up and having a grand strategy.  We MUST not only do the same, we MUST up the ante by bringing the same level of determination to push God’s agenda of righteousness and justice forward until He returns.
Our faith and prayer rejuvenate our spirits, the Holidays will give us some rest – and your generous financial help now will assure we finish the year ready to stay the course, keep this great and growing team of pastors together and move forward into 2016 strongly!
We have faced down the machinery of the fourth largest city in America, the might of major corporations and the Greater Houston Partnership, the largest business organization in the city; multi-million dollar organizations, the bias of the major media – and God defeated all of them through the faithfulness and courage of His people, led by His pastors.
There are no words to describe the gratitude I have to all of you who have stood with us, who worked and/or gave sacrificially and helped be our “Aarons and Hurs” to lift up our arms for this battle.  
We not only must stay strong in Houston, we will need to continue to help other cities in Texas and even around the nation replicate this model.  The unique “unity in diversity” of HAPC and TXPC that reaches all ethnic and denominational corners of the church is our strength and is not being done anywhere else – and is the very essence of the power of God working through His body.
Thank you again and as we collectively give thanks to our God for His abundant kindness, grace and mercy on our nation let’s reflect on what has set the United States of America apart with the blessings of peace, freedom and prosperity – that we were established by the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob under the banner of Jesus Christ to serve as His “Shining City on a Hill”!



List of Our Region Elected Leaders
praying man
Many of you have requested a list of our elected officials in the greater Humble, TX region (local, state, federal, etc. Many have a regular prayer time set aside to pray for our leaders. 
If you would like a current list please email: 
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Northeast Ministerial Alliance

NEMA is a network of pastors, ministry leaders and Christian businessmen from diversified backgrounds. NEMA was birthed in 1991 when a group of spiritual leaders from the greater Humble, Texas area came together to share a meal and get acquainted.  The pastor of the host church extended an invitation to everyone to meet again the next month.  All gave a unanimous shout of approval.  It was during the second gathering that nine pastors and ministry leaders requested to host the next monthly meeting. Everyone stated that they would bring another person to the coming nine-month’s gatherings.  Those attending the initial meetings in 1991 never dreamed that these network lunches and prayer meetings would continue for these many years.  God’s favor has rested upon these gatherings. The results of this favor are many.

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