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April  2015


God’s Rest To Host April Luncheon
 Thursday, April 14th. 2016

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Thursday, April 14th. Mike and Trish Pinckert, owners and directors of God’s Rest invite their NEMA Network partners to their “ministry house”. God’s Rest is one of NEMA’s unique ministries that fits into a category all its own. Michael and Trish have been a vibrant, networking team in NEMA for many years. 


Over the years some have asked, ‘What exactly is God’s Rest Ministries?’ On their web-site, godsrestministries.org, they give  a succinct response: Our Father God never intended that we should strive by our human efforts to achieve His will. God is the one who refreshes our spirit and God’s Rest Ministries provides a place for His children to be renewed. GR provides housing , food, and other necessities, all in a comfortable retreat/home setting. Guests will find a peaceful ambiance and a time to rest, pray and hear from the Lord. ‘Corner Stone’, Michael and Trish Pinckert’s home in Atascocita, Texas is the setting for the ministry of God’s Rest. 



God’s Rest is located: 

2003 Pinehurst Bend Dr. Humble, TX 77346


    Phone:(281) 852-9124





     The pre-luncheon prayer gathering will begin at 11:30 


    The complementary meal will be served at 12 Noon



    All Christian Pastors and Staff, Christian Ministries, and Christian Business men and women, are welcome!  


     Special Announcement:  Early Summer Break This Year
    There will be an ‘early vacation’ for our Network Luncheons this year. Due to unexpected challenges two of our regular hosts are not able to host their luncheons this year. We all be searching for those slots to be filled.

    April’s luncheon will be the last scheduled luncheon for the ‘summer’. 

    We will resume our schedule next September.

    The NEMA Council wishes all of our network partners a very prosperous summer! 



    Have you ever wondered what the true, historical understanding of the Crusades really was? Have you struggled with the idea that Christians actually committed atrocities through out the Middle East simply to colonize the regions there?  Was the Catholic Church the culprit in sending armies into the Middle East to plunder? Not so says Dr. Stark. 






    A Prayer for our nation Day 12

    “for the kingdom of God is not eating and drinking, but righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.” Romans 14:17
    Lord, our heart’s desire is to have Your Kingdom manifest within ourselves and our nation.  Please, out of your grace and mercy, highlight any lie we believe and every agreement we have made with the kingdom of darkness.  We do not want to empower the demonic in our lives or in our nation.  We declare that we only agree with Heaven and with your covenant sealed with the blood of Jesus.  We break agreement with anything and everything that is not of You.  Holy Spirit, thank you for being our perfect counselor and guide.  Fill us again today and show us all hinderances to the full manifestation of Yourself in our lives and our nation.  We thank you, Lord, that we can humbly come before you, see where and why righteousness, peace, and joy is absent, repent, and step into the fullness of Your Kingdom.  Let Your Kingdom come.  Let Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.  In the name of Jesus.  Amen.  
    Natasha Miller, Founder of As One Light

    Join the call to hold up the arms of two historic calls to prayer for the heart and soul of our nation!
    Over the last year we have had the honor to help facilitate and mobilize prayer around the nation as we have seen God awakening and positioning His Church for the coming days.  On April 9th there will be two historic and kairos calls to prayer from Washington D.C. to Los Angeles California.  We encourage you to prayerfully consider attending one of these gatherings or hosting your own gathering in your church, home or community.  


    10′s of 1000′s Called to Pray April 9th 
    Somebody Cares and The Church of Greater Houston are inviting our relationships to join in this strategic and timely call to prayer, repentance and fasting supporting United Cry and Azusa Now!
    As we gathered in Houston to pray in support of United Cry and Azusa Now the lord shared a picture of an umbrella covering our nation.  One edge of the umbrella touched down in Washington D.C. and the other edge in Los Angeles California while the handle landed in Houston Texas.  As we inquired of the Lord about this we felt the Holy Spirit was inviting Houston to push up the umbrella through prayer.  The more prayer the high the umbrella.  The umbrella was not keeping the rain off of our nation but rather releasing the REIGN of God over our nation.  Will you join us by praying all kinds of prayer from all around our nation for the next 20 days.  


    NOTE: Take Your Group To See This Powerful Movie

     HAPC has a few complimentary tickets available for the God’s Not Dead 2 movie on Sunday, April 3 at the 6:45 pm showing in the Tomball Premier 7 theater.  We are making those tickets available to HAPC Pastors and friends on a first come, first served basis.  If you would like 1 or 2 tickets please email Dave Welch directly at dwelch@uspastorcouncil.org.    Call: Rev. Dave Welch – 832-688-9166 

    There are only a few remaining! 
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    Northeast Ministerial Alliance

    NEMA is a network of pastors, ministry leaders and Christian businessmen from diversified backgrounds. NEMA was birthed in 1991 when a group of spiritual leaders from the greater Humble, Texas area came together to share a meal and get acquainted.  The pastor of the host church extended an invitation to everyone to meet again the next month.  All gave a unanimous shout of approval.  It was during the second gathering that nine pastors and ministry leaders requested to host the next monthly meeting. Everyone stated that they would bring another person to the coming nine-month’s gatherings.  Those attending the initial meetings in 1991 never dreamed that these network lunches and prayer meetings would continue for these many years.  God’s favor has rested upon these gatherings. The results of this favor are many.

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