I just got a text from my son Trey who works for Senator Corker that
49 Senators sent a letter to HHS demanding that he comply with congressional
investigations into Planned Parenthood and to carry out his own investigations.
I am going to follow up and see if my representatives signed the letter
and exactly what they are doing about this illegal activity.

Spread the word for people to call their representatives – House and Senate –
to defund Planned Parenthood immediately and prosecute those who have
broken the law (for years) in harvesting for profit body parts. Also check
out the website for The Center For Medical Progress. They need our
support and prayers.

This is a most critical time for Christians to act!!

P.S. You can see what Planned Parenthood said about the wholesale
marketing of baby parts on UTube. Also you can hear/see interviews
of The Center For Medical Progress who have several hundred hours of
Planned Parenthood’s employees, doctors, directors, etc. that admit
that they sell body parts of the aborted babies!


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Northeast Ministerial Alliance

NEMA is a network of pastors, ministry leaders and Christian businessmen from diversified backgrounds. NEMA was birthed in 1991 when a group of spiritual leaders from the greater Humble, Texas area came together to share a meal and get acquainted.  The pastor of the host church extended an invitation to everyone to meet again the next month.  All gave a unanimous shout of approval.  It was during the second gathering that nine pastors and ministry leaders requested to host the next monthly meeting. Everyone stated that they would bring another person to the coming nine-month’s gatherings.  Those attending the initial meetings in 1991 never dreamed that these network lunches and prayer meetings would continue for these many years.  God’s favor has rested upon these gatherings. The results of this favor are many.

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